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    ItalianfoodXP - Experience Italy Sounth and Beyond

    PICCOLA ITALIA се присъедини ISNART на проекта - ItalianfoodXP - Опитът на Италия Sounth и извън нея. Датите на седмицата са фиксирани за период 26 септември до 2 октомври 2016.La италианската област превърната в нашия ресторант е на Сицилия предложи сицилианско меню ще бъде включително продукти и отлични вина от този район на Южна Италия.
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    History of pizza

    Pizza (in Italian: pizza) is an Italian national dish, popular all over the world. Represents a flat round bread and baked in the oven, which is usually covered with tomatoes or tomato-based sauce and mozzarella. Accordingly cultural and regional preferences to add other ingredients.
    Classic pizza dough is made from flour, yeast, sugar, salt, olive oil and water. The dough is kneaded by hand, then rest for a certain time and rolled in a thin layer (usually with thickness 0.5 cm.). Masters of pizza using spectacular way to rolling out the dough, tossing it in the air.
    Dough covered with tomatoes or tomato sauce. Additives are then justified by the traditional cuisine or a certain taste. Classic pizza is baked in a special oven (wood burning), very quickly and at very high temperatures. The US made "American" pizza with a much thicker crust, requiring a longer time for baking.
    The first evidence of preparation of pizza there yet the ancient Greeks and Romans. With the transfer of tomatoes for the first time in Europe in 1522, in Naples appears archetypal Italian pizza. In XVII century appear special people ("pizzaioli" - pitstsayoli) preparing pizza for Italian peasants. Pizza became a favorite food of the wife of the King of Naples, Ferdinand IV - Lorena Maria Carolina (1752-1814) and later the Italian King Umberto I and his wife Margherita of Savoy, in honor of which was named one of the recipes.
    In the US, the pizza was brought in the second half of the XIX century and was first made in Chicago, Illinois. In 1957 appeared the first pizzas - Intermediate.
    Pizza spread mainly in Europe and the US, where they started to create special restaurant called "Pizza", most of which begin to provide free products to a specified address for a specified time. Pizza is a favorite food for all ages, but is especially loved by children and adolescents. In recent years, became a hit in Japan, where she made mainly with seafood and fish.